Phyes Electric Kids Quad Charging

2022-09-03 15:14

For many people, the decision to join the world of electric vehicles comes down to one thing. How long is the run time, and how quick and easy are they to charge up? With our electric kids’ quads, it’s extremely simple. They charge directly from the main supply using a Standard UK 3 Pin Plug and a high-quality charger that we supply with the product.

Our quads are always supplied with a 90%+ charged battery, so your child won’t have to wait to start their adventure. Depending on the model this allows a run time of a minimum of 20km+.

6 Tips to preserve the lifespan of your battery

To ensure your electric quads battery has the best possible lifespan, we advise all of our customers to follow these 6 tips.

  1. Use the ride-on regularly

  2. Exercise the battery – charge/use, charge/use, etc.

  3. Charge the battery monthly – even if you aren’t using the quad in this time

  4. Charge the battery immediately after use

  5. Never leave the battery not charged

  6. Don’t leave the charger on continuously

Advantages of Lithium vs Lead-acid

At Kids Quads we offer a range of different battery specs that vary in price, between Lead-acid and the more expensive Lithium. There are differences between the way each battery type operates with Lithium holding several advantages over the Lead-acid. Customers purchasing a Lithium powered Quad will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Lighter weight – Lithium batteries are approximately 1/2 the weight of Lead-acid

  • Longer runtime – Lithium batteries can be used around 15% more time before the battery is drained

  • Longer lifespan – Lithium batteries can be charged more times (Lead-acid approx. 400-450 charges vs Lithium approx 500-550 charges)

  • Faster charging time – Lithium batteries can be charged approximately 30% faster than Lead-acid

Kids Quads

High-Quality Batteries are supplied with all of our Kids Quads electric ride-ons ensuring that no matter which model or battery type you choose, you can expect a long uninterrupted runtime, a consistent voltage output, and a long lifespan if preserved correctly. Our batteries are supplied inside a weatherproof bag or box, are very simple to connect and disconnect and are fused for safety – using standard spade car fuses.

If you would like to learn any further information regarding quad bikes for beginners, or if you would like to make a purchase of any of the products that we have recommended, please get in touch with our friendly team  

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